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2000 Lx470 Stereo Replacement Recommendations


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I'd like to upgrade my current system to include Bluetooth and integration for my iPhone 5S.

I've heard nightmares about the system (Nakamichi) and the ability to upgrade. (Existing Head Unit is fully functional)

Can anyone make a recommendation on a head unit that I can use and NOT replace the Amp, speakers or the SUB.

Not really a Audiophile and don't need NAV. Camera would be nice but not absolutely necessary.

Does not have to have XM as I would stream that off of my phone.

Any suggestions, tips or tricks would be great...Would like to install myself.

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Hi, I'm new to the club and lexus. Just bought a 2002 LX470. Biggest problem, horrible stereo with blown speakers. After some research on this club and taking to stereo pros, I decided to change both head unit and speakers. It's complicated on my model as it's a smaller than normal single din Oem unit. The dealer and some

other shops told me : IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, very wrong, IT IS POSSIBLE.

Although I'm an electrician and can do this install, I went with a pro installer who knows toyota and Lexus. The shop is Custom car Alarm in Pleasant Hill, Ca. The awesome installer is Mike, he knows those cars inside and out. Shop tel #925-680-8881, make sure you talk to Mike, he is the only one that knows this procedure.

I went with ALPINE CDE-149-BT head unit. Blue tooth, hands free phone calls, USB, sirius XM….. Great Sound and WAY better than the Naka-LOUSY. (my opinion)

For Front door speakers, I spent a little extra and got the JL C2 650 with 1" twitters, sounds so good, great fidelity.

For rear speakers, I went with the Alpine SPS610.

For now no subwoofer but have the RCA cables extended so that can be done later without having to pull the head unit out. With this set up it will require a small amp.

USB extension cable to center console, charge your iPhone or memory stick with media.

Sirius XM SXV300 tuner. One call to sirius transferred my service from my last car to the new unit ($15. Fee).

Microphone by mirror.

Mike did a great job. He had to customize the head unit fitting and custom make a couple side wings. The speakers needed some customization as well.

The original rear speakers were 4" but he made a custom box for 6" speakers which are much nicer.

I'm VERY HAPPY with the installation, super clean. The sound is amazing, full fidelity, HUGE IMPROVEMENT.

Hi, I got a little more info from my installer: the nakamichi head unit has to stay in car in order for the nav system and a couple other things to work.

So he relocated the OEM nakamichi unit under passenger side dash and ran the needed 5-6 wires to it in a harnez he made. Than he installed the after market Alpine

head unit in the dash with some customization.

COST: $ 1200 parts and labor.

Hope this is helpful. Now I can go on my trip to Montana and rock out.



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