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Driver's Side Lumbar Support Stopped Working!?


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After doing many searches, I can't seem to find where anybody has had A) their lumbar adjustment stop working, and/or B) what they did to fix it?

The passenger side works like a champ, but the Driver's seat is stuck and won't adjust in either direction.

Anybody have any experience in determining what the problem is and how to fix it?

It's in my '95 LS

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Yeah...I saw those threads, but those seem to pertain to the seat back itself having an issue. My seat backs both work perfectly. It's the lower lumbar support on my driver's side that stopped working. I can't determine if it's a fuse issue, a switch issue, or a motor issue....or a combination of all of those that's gone bad.

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thanks as always, Billy! I've never taken a seat apart to get at the plugs/cables. Are you aware of any parts diagrams to show how to disassemble things?

NO NO NO... take the front mounting bolts out, loosen the back ones (or take them out also), ALL the cables and plugs are under the seat.... you can do it.... IF that fails THEN we will look further..

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