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Rattle Under Drivers Seat - Rx350

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07 RX350 - Wife's RX has a rattle under the drivers seat that only happens at 60mph plus - I rode in the back, and I can feel something tapping from underneath. Looking under the card I see a black plastic shroud with a gap at the front - i can flex it up to hit the bottom of the car, so i believe this is the culprit. It appears secured, so I wonder if it is missing a piece.

The picture below is from the drivers side - front looking back. There looks to be a mark on the bottom of the car where this has rubbed, or maybe there was a foam block that came out?

If not this, then what else to check?



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I guess no one has looked under their RX. Anyone know where an online parts list with pictures would be for this area of the vehicle?

Or does anyone know what the parts are under the drivers seat so that I can find them on a diagram.... I don't even know what is under the shroud.

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Sometimes questions fall through the cracks. Check the diagrams on Sewell Lexus site. "Paste" has been deactivated on this forum so I have pasted the relevant URL into the attached text document. Be sure to register with your forum member name on Sewell's website if you order parts to get significant discounts. It is not necessary to register to see the diagrams and retail prices of parts. If you register, you will see "club prices" which are often substantially under retail and their regular on-line prices.

Sewell Lexus parts.txt

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Thanks for the linked. I found the shrouds under the body links - but not enough detail. I did find that the shroud has some glue residue, so I assume there was some kind of foam block on it. This shroud is plastic, but there is also a metal piece on top of it between the tank and the big shroud and it rattles as well.

Probably going to have to look under another 07 to see what it is supposed to look like. I think the foam block is part of the plastic shroud assembly.

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I just had this start happening to my 2007 rx350. It is coming from this exact part as well just like your picture. Did you ever find that anything was missing between the plastic shield and the under carridge?

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I tried replicating the problem with a leaf blower. Bingo! That which was maddeningly elusive was suddenly flapping in my face. A piece of Styrofoam jammed between the plastic panels then duct taped and all was right as rain until I got to Lexus for a real fix.

I did post this a while ago thinking I could not be the only one with this issue. Good luck.


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Sounds like you solved a problem I also have with my 2012 Lexus RX350.  Since I don't have a Lexus dealer nearby, can you provide more specifics on what the "real fix" was from Lexus?  Thanks!


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