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Unhooked Positive Terminal While Running

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2001 gs 430. 93,000 miles. Had aaa replace battery for me. Lasted 2 months then while driving and stopped at a red light. Lights started to flicker nav went off and rpms went thru roof battery light on with cel. Made it thru light and about a half mile to friends house. Pulled into his driveway car dies. Try and restart. Nothing. Pop hood check battery. Positive is dirty and loose. Clean and tighten. Jump it it's all good. Starts right up. Drives fine. Get 3 miles same thing. Lights nav off etc. No start again. Jump it. Starts back up no problem. Limp it back to my house all while doing the light and no nav rpm thing at every light.

Turn off at house. No restart. Jump it no problem again. I'm thinking it's either battery or alternator. All the while my father is pulling the positive cable while sitting in car. Everything in car starts going crazy again. I get out yelling at him telling him this isnt the 60s. Cannot do that on these cars. Hooks it back car runs fine. But now won't accelerate while in drive. I turn off hoping he didn't kill my car.

Restart. Now it drives but a little sluggish and the abs vsc vsc off light are on. Drive it around corner a couple times. Park it. Won't restart again. Tow it to dealer.

Tell me battery fails test. Recommend replace. I say no problem.

Also many codes are popping up.

C0226,C0236,C0246,C0256,C1225, C1228 all concerning circuits in brake booster.

C1223 abs control malfunction

C1241 low battery positive voltage or abnormally high battery positive voltage.

Need new brake booster and skid control ecu.

Tells me car runs fine road test good. Ask if it's a drivability issue. Say no. It's a 5k repair so I say I'll take car and figure out my options.

Drive car for 3 weeks no problems but abs vsc lights pop on and off and high pitch noise now. Start yesterday after sitting for a week while away working. Make it 2-3 miles.its Ok. Come out from bank no start. But clicking. Jump with booster from car place right near bank. Starts right up. Drive away. Then problems come back. No nav, rpms high battery light and cel on etc.. Drive it right to dealer. Try and restart. Clicking again.

Any input appreciated. Do I need them parts or can it be a relay or fuse from taking off positive terminal? Could they be causing the no start issue?

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Did you check output alternator?

Did you check grounds?

Charge battery then with car off remove cable pos or neg wait ten minutes put back start car look for codes.

sounds like its a weak Alternator to me. gl

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dudeeee...... go to autozone or anyone of those stupid places and have them test your alt. right away.... mean time itll tell you what your battery infact looks like to... its most likely the alt, so if so, when you change it, since youve been raping this new battery,, once its fixed, take your battery back to a autozone, orielys, whatever, and have them do a slow recharge to that battery you got to get her back up to par you know.... post back.

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