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Rx350 Deadly Hazard-Momentary, Unpredictable Stall.


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Dear Community:

My RX350 2013 has an intermittent, unpredictable dead spot when accelerating during right or left turn under dry road conditions.

This usually occurs from a stopped position.

I have had multiple panic situations when accelerating to cross a road with high speed traffic. i.e timing my crossing of the highway to avoid cross traffic both ways and getting initial acceleration to middle of road then stall-out for 2 seconds while watching traffic bearing down

This seems to occur only while turning under strong acceleration.

I don't recall any wheel slippage when this has occurred (dry road conditions)

Needless to say this has the potential to create a serious side collision.

Dealer says this behavior is a result of the cars traction control system which can be turned off.

Is this to say that one must remember to turn traction control off before making a turn under strong acceleration?

There must be a better answer to this problem.

Any input?


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"turning under strong acceleration"? Yes, if you turn sharply, gun the gas pedal to the extent that the tires slip on the pavement, traction control will intervene on vehicles made by Toyota and other car makers and will automatically reduce the throttle until slippage is eliminated. Is this your first vehicle with traction control? Yes, turn traction control off if you drive like that.

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