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Our First Home!


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Interior pix to come, just a drive by/look around today.


My brother, his kids and part of the Ferd Taurus (company car) in the driveway. The Ram was in the cul-de-sac.




The Specs:

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Garage: 2 Car end-to-end

Size: 1,464 sqft

Type: Single Family House

Year Built: 2005

Lot Size: 10,947 sqft (.25 acre)

Near as we can tell the home has:

-All brand new appliances (washer and dryer included)

-Brand new AC unit

-Brand new carpet

-Brand new ceramic tile flooring)

-Brand new doors and windows

-Brand new roof

-Brand new ext trim paint.

-Brand new garage door.

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Oh I meant to be nosey, How much if you don't mind sharing....Texas is looking better and better everyday.

It was completely free! Donated by Military Warrior Support Foundation's Homes4WoundedHeroes campaign. They buy, renovate and donate homes all over the country to combat wounded veterans such as myself. All I have to do is live in it for 3 years, pay my utilities, insurance and taxes, and the home is mine free and clear.

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I am saying this from my heart, I have wanted to contribute to that organization for a long time. I am sending a check tomorrow, because you sir are a proof in the pudding of a courageous young man that has been thru more than most Americans in these conflicts (WAR) and I as a former Vietnam veteran salute you. God Bless the good, hard working people that are in this nation. Kudos to you and your wife, and may you succeed in whatever direction you head. Thank you for your sacrifice, and I hope in my heart your head injuries cause no further pain to you. God Bless our service people whom are under paid and unfortunately not appreciated by the lack of leadership in our Commander in Chief and Politicians that have no respect for America. Thank you Josh.

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Morrison family move 2.0!


First mod to the house is definitely getting the fence fixed. Its coming apart in a few spots. After that, The 8ft wide gate will be cut in half and hinged at both ends to form a pair of 4 ft gates for access to the backyard with a bobcat or backhoe...just in case.

After that, a 12'x12' sundeck off the back patio. From there, who knows?!

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More Pix!


^Living Room


^Dining Room


^Galley Kitchen


^Living Room again (Front door is on your left)


^Master bedroom (HUGE walk in closet. Its the size of a 4th bedroom


Beautiful Texas Door




^And a welcome home.

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Looks fantastic. Yea 4 foot gates are better. Put a rolling wheel on the ends and you have great support. As for deck, I only do concrete. Less maintenance and easy upkeep.

you could add brick to match the house as expansion joints.

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