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Electronic Suspension


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I have a 98 ES 300 with Electronic Suspension. I want to replace the shocks/struts with standard units and do away with the adjustable feature. I have gotten conflicting reports on this. Some say that it can't be done because it effects the traction control and the engine computer and may result in a permanent check engine light. Others say there is no problem as long as the electric connections to the shocks are taped up and secured. Does anyone have an answer for this or has anyone out there done this conversion successfully?. Any help would be appreciated.

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Logic tells me that there is no reason for the adjustable shocks to be connected to any other of the car's systems, particularly the computer. You rotate the shock switch and the shock valves go to the next larger oil offrice or the next lower one. There would be no reason for anything other system to be notified of having done so.

That said, stranger things have happened, and you never know what the manufacturer has done to ensure that you buy their parts only (read expensive). A Jeep brake flush and blleed on a late 90's required a trip to the dealership to use their brand specific consult computer before the brakes would come up to pressure.

I would check with a Lexus tech/service person and ask directly. I'd put on the V6 Camry shocks from the same generation Lexus as yours, if you can. They'd be cheaper, and obtainable in aftermarket as well. good Luck!

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