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Diagnostic Code #25 : Safe To Drive?


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Quick question: is this a situation where it w/b SAFE to drive this approximately 200 miles to a "more civilized" location (READ as "one with a Lexus/Toyota Dealership and/or Independant Lexus Service availability") with a CODE #25 "Air/Fuel Ratio Lean Malfunction"?

Car displayed Check Engine Light en route to the Beach, drove for approximately 40 miles with no discernable problem. Ran fine.

Don't want to exascerbate any problems but would prefer to have work done (if needed) by other than a gereral auto repair shop...


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Hi I'm not a mechanic and there are other people here who can answer this better but in my opinion if the car is running properly you should be able to drive it...maybe go easy with it so as not to make the problem worse and make sure it has premium fuel. It might clear itself after a good drive, if it doesn't your definitely wise to take it to someone who knows these machines to have it checked.

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