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160 Mph @ 5400 Rpm


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Fess up, Billy. We know you took this photo while driving one of your LS400's.

HA !! I dont have the guts to drive that fast any more... but 60 years ago... if it would do it I did it...

this little 39 ford pickup was chevy powered and would run... and the 55 Olds 88 burried the speedo needle(past 120) on the way home, right off the showroom floor. (original photo in 55)




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Fess up, Billy. We know you took this photo while driving one of your LS400's.

Actually, his wife took that photo. Steady hand too, I might add. Usually, at 160 mph, there is some blurring of the photo but Billys LS was velvet smoooooooth. Not unlike Billy himself. ^_^

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Your correct Landar in that the photographs do start to become blurry when you begin approaching 160 mph.As you might remember, it was around that time that we started to hear whispers of a place called Area 51, and Roswell. Very few people knew that people like Billy had been involved all along in the development of the so called "Rocket Engine" as marketed by Oldsmobile.

Only the goverment and test subjects like Billy, knew that at 160 mph, you hit the magic number for what later was called "WARP DRIVE! It was this break through in propulsion that made it possible for U.S. Auto manf. to produce incredibly enginered cars such as the Corvair, for runner to the shuttle craft. The Edsel. The first attempt at reverse enginering a piece of crap. The Rambler Marlin. Yes, it's true. You've never heard of one. It was lost in a transport between the Holo Deck and a Borg Hardware Store Grand Opening.

Yes, I'm ready for my mental stabiity eval, but I just wanted all to know that not everything is Billy's fault.

Go Billy!!!


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