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Hid Headlights For Gx


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I had HID headlights installed on my 2005 GX 4 yrs ago and one of the ballasts appears to be failing (the headlight recently started to work only some of the time).

My question is, what is the typical life of the HID ballasts? Does anyone have a brand preference for longevity or other performance differences?



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OEM HID components including ballasts usually last for the life of a vehicle. My 2000 LS400 is still on the factory installed HID bulbs and all the rest of the original headlight components.

Aftermarket HID kits vary widely in quality with some of them being complete junk. I'm not a fan of aftermarket HID although they usually work much better and are less dangerous to other drivers when installed on a vehicle with projector headlights like your GX has. People seem to get the best results from aftermarket HID kits if they are powered from the battery or the engine compartment fuse box using a relay rather than from the headlight connectors.

How is your HID kit powered?

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