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No Front 12V Power Port !

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Come on Lexus put in a power port in the front that is not in the console.

Where do we plug in a fuzz buster? There are many other items to charge like a computer etc. and I don't want to have the console lid open.

This is my 3rd Lexus (2014 IS350) and maybe my last if this very basic function is not put in in the future.

The 2015 RCF looks great but a 12v port is a deal breaker.

It should also have one in the rear.

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Page 366 of the 2014 IS350 owners manual has a diagram and instructions on how to run power cords out of the center console with the lid closed.

If you need to power multiple devices, consider something like a Bell Power Source. We have several. Plugging one into an aux 12v port provides one USB port and two 12v ports on flexible cables - very nice.


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I have 2 cords in the slots from the USB ports and it works for my and my wife's phones without opening the lid.

But you can't get any more out from the console. It needs to be in the front of the dash to run a cord down from a fuzz buster on the windshield. I have one of the devices you show and it works in other cars ok but not here.

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The specifications I found say that the 2014 IS has a cigarette lighter for front passengers. If so, your IS350 has the same lighter/power port configuration for front passengers as my LS400 - a power port in the center console and a cigarette lighter near the gear shift lever. I never use the power port in my center console - I plug devices and adapters into the lighter socket.

It is also possible to tap into a car's accessory circuit to power devices. I tapped into the wires leading to the console box power port in my 00 LS400 at a point several inches forward of the center console box to power my phone charging cradle and a portable GPS - hid all the wires under the console wood panel and inside the dash. It is also possible to tap into the accessory circuit at the fuse box under the dash using a fuse tap. I used a Bussman fuse tap - see attached photo - to connect to the engine compartment fuse box of our Prius when installing a DRL kit.

A radar detector can be powered from the overhead light cluster - there are kits for doing that. It's easy to push a wire from above an overhead light cluster (above the headliner) forward towards the windshield - did that on several Toyota and Lexus cars. Or use a battery powered radar detector. Or "lose" the radar detector entirely - driving has been more enjoyable since I pitched my battery powered Escort Solo detector.

I'm a little surprised that the IS doesn't have a cigarette lighter or power port for back seat passengers. It wouldn't be all that hard to run a 12v socket on extension cord to the back seat and mostly hide it. They are available with either coiled (photo attached) or straight cords. I used one when I tapped into the accessory circuit under my console - chopped off its male plug and attached the wires to the accessory circuit wires with scotch lock connectors without having to cut the accessory circuit wires.

The mods I described above are fairly easy as car projects go. If you are not into "D.I.Y.", I would think that an audio shop could do it for you. Many years ago I had an audio shop make the final connection for a Nokia phone kit I had installed - the installer connected to wires leading to the ignition switch and didn't charge much.



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