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Brakes Won"t Fully Disengage

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Enola Straight,

As for the cel light, you'll need to have an independent mechanic you trust read the code/s to find out what the problem may be, from simple inexpensive to more expensive. Don't worry, most are pretty simple and easy to correct.

As for the brakes not releasing fully, on a 17 year old car that usually means that your calpers/slide pins/pads need to be taken apart, cleaned up, lubed properly, put back together, and the system needs to be flushed and new brake fluid installed and the system bled. Again, a good independent mechanic can do the work cheaper than a dealership.

Chances are the brake fluid hasn't been changed (every 48 months per maintenance schedule) and water has gotten into the calipers and is partially seizing the pistons that squeeze the brake pads. You have brakes, but they don't fully release. At the same time, the caliper slide pins tend to corrode in their bores causing the same problem. On top of that, the pads may be rusted onto their mounting shims and aren't releasing.

Many shops will just want to replace everything with new parts, but in many cases just taking everything apart and cleaning and lubing them properly will do the job. It really comes down to how long the issue has been allowed to continue.

If it were my car (I've been wrenching for years) I'd do the work myself and save a bundle. Good Luck!

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