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Drive Belt Replacement 86K Miles? Rx 350

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I recently had an oil change at the dealer and they mentioned I should consider replacing the original drive belt in my RX 350. I have 86K miles. Is this the same thing as the serpentine belt or timing chain I see mentioned elsewhere? Is this normal time for replacement? The dealer said the technician noticed my original drive belt had some cracks in it. I am trying to determine whether this is legit. Any help would be most appreciated.

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check this thread: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-first-generation/380408-how-often-should-i-change-the-serpentine-belt.html

It may have the information you're looking for...or just google it...there's TONS of information online about such things. The most common answer seems to be "check the condition at each oil change, listen for squealing, etc."

I would think that 86k miles would be a good time to change it (if it/they is/are the original belt(s), but personally, I change my own belts, oil, etc... I'm not gong to pay a dealership to do anything that I feel comfortable with myself, but that's just me.

My wife's '09 just turned 50k miles and I haven't even thought to check the belt(s). Honestly, I don't know if it

has multiple belts or a single serpentine...just hadn't occurred to me to check that yet.

Belts are typically pretty inexpensive at Advance/Auto zone/O'Riley's/etc... I tend to stay away from dealership parts departments unless that's the only place a part is available.

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The RX 350s do not have a timing belt (they have a timing chain instead). Yes, the drive belt is the long serpentine belt. At 86K, it is not inconceivable to show some wear, may want to have a second opinion if you have a mechanic you can trust.

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