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2010 Is 350C ~ Stereo Upgrade

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Really wanting to upgrade my ml system in my is 350c....sounds great with top up, but goes really flat when the top is down....I am looking to add jl HD amp to run system with a auction control to clean up the sound....I am spending the money for focal 3 way components in the front and focal 2 ways in the rear....my big question involves the subwoofer.....I am not a bass head just want the same nice tight bass I have when the top is up.....my local stereo shop wants to remove the spare tire for a fiberglass enclosure for 2 10s.....not to fond of this idea not sure how it will sound with tens firing at my roof when top is down, not to mention losing my spare....where us the stick sub located? The shop says it is located in an enclosure between trunk and back seat??? Would it be possible to replace with a good jl sub and run off the jl hd900 .....have been trying hard to find someone that has upgraded a convertible...any help or advise would be greatly appreciated

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Infiniti puts speakers in the headrests of their convertibles. Would that help you out any? It would be a lot cheaper.

I have to watch how loud I play my music with my top down because of some of the lyrics to the kind of music I like! :blushing:

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