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I Have Been Gone Awhile, Lots Happening...my Wife And I Are Literally


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Sorry I have been MIA for so long LOC, I have been in the process of medically retiring from the US Army. I was medically retired on 15 January 2014 and My wife and I moved back to Fort Worth TX from up in Fort Lewis WA.

We had been house hunting, and about 3 months ago, the Wounded Warrior Project told me about a Program through Military Warrior Support Foundation called Homes4WoundedHeroes. They buy, renovate, and donate houses to combat wounded veterans. I applied in november, just on the off chance...

I got a call from MWSF yesterday....

After a 90 day application/selection process, the Review Committee awarded us the home we applied for in Van Alstyne, TX!! All we are required to pay for are the utilities, insurance, and applicable property taxes. ZERO move in costs, and after we live in it for 3 years, the deed becomes ours. The home is fully renovated to our specifications, and ALL brand-new appliances as well as a 10 year home warranty are included.

We are SO incredibly grateful for the organization, and for Wounded Warrior Project for pointing us in this direction. Words cannot express the hearftelt gratitude we have for the 80 volunteers who helped the process.

Our new place! Pix are pre-renovation.

Pix of the new place. Not the best pix, but they are the ones from the site, best i can do till next week thursday.









Sunset from the other side of the street


^backyard (portion)


^View from back porch

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That is truly outstanding. Josh, I hope you are OK and able to start your new life (without Army) and be very happy. I know your injuries have been multiple and can be very trying. God Bless you and your wife whom has been by your side. You are a talented young man and I wish the very best for both of you. I look forward to your post. By the Way tell us lots about Texas, California is getting so socialized that it gets unbearable living here.

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Funny I was born in El Paso, but haven't been back except one trip to San Antonio for my son's boot camp graduation. Good choice of states however, I have a niece there that says it is totally better than California.

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