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Good Ml Subwoofer Cone And Surround, Yet Rattles

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Hello All,

My ML subwoofer has good cone and surrounds, but still rattles at louder volumes. Any help, guidance and ideas would be extremely helpful. Since I am new and unfamiliar to the forum, my email address is bigruu1@cfl.rr.com. My phone number is 321-305-4772. Thanks to all members for any assistance.

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Hi Rudy and welcome to the Club.

Most of the complaints people report about the ML sub-woofer is the rattling , or "buzzing" sound at higher volumes. It sounds like you have taken the seats out and looked at the woofer it self. You say that the cone is fully intact and their are no tears in the surround material that holds the outer rim of the cone to the metal frame.

If all that is accurate, then it might be the "motor" in the voice coil. A replacment from the Lexus dealer is a major exspense. But any replacement woofer MUST meet the exact spects of the ML system as all of the system is balanced by a comoplete crossover network.

I would reccomend contacting United Radio in New York for information about your Mark Levinson system. We get excellent reports from members who have used them, and I have talked with them myself.

Let us know whats going on.



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