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Fan Overheating Problem


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Hi there everybody! i just got a lexus es300 1997 and im pretty much happy. All though i have a problem as i was driving home i had to pull the car on the side. I notice my fan isn't coming on when it hot. Last month the fan didn't came on either so i pull out the whole fan unit and test each one of them and they both working very good. then i found out someone replace the radiator before but didn't have a ect switch on the bottom so i went to the junkyard buy the wire and ect switch on the bottom. When i plug in the fan stop completely and what do you know i got smoke coming out my radiator cap. So i already replace the fan,ect switch on the bottom of the radiator,thermostat, and i just replace the ect switch on the right side near the the themostat. What can be wrong?

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With what you've done to fix the problem, and the issue is still there, you obviously don't have the expertise to track down the problem. I'm not sure that I would either.

That said, get the car to a good independent mechanic and get the fix done before you overheat the motor and blow the head gasket or worse, and end up with a repair bill the size of Donald Trump's ego. It isn't worth taking a chance with the life blood of the engine. Good Luck!

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