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Is There An Easy Way To Refill The Transmission?

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Is there an easy way to refill the transmission?

I'm approaching 100k in my 2007 LS460, so I drained the transmission fluid & assumed it would be easy to refill (just like my GS400).

Imagine my surprise when the socket wouldn't fit into the gap between the transmission case & some insulation to access the "refill plug".

A long 24mm wrench finally did the trick, but what a pain!

Any thoughts or tricks to share?

I have the WS ATF fluid, but haven't ventured onto the next step.

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I have an 07 LS460 that I bought with 116,000 miles. I wanted to change the fluid as well but the dealer said it was a 'lifetime' fluid. I brought it to the best transmission shop that I know personally. They said that the fluid is more of a hydraulic type fluid and should never be replaced. They have had customers that have demanded the fluid change and two of them had transmission failure within 1,000 miles. Since then they refuse the service. My advise is don't mess with it. FYI

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