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$ Value Of A Cpo


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I haven't been able to find specific info for this, so my apologies if this has been covered before. I'm shopping for a '10 or '11 RX 450h with 20-50k miles but wondering what the additional dollar value of a CPO from a dealer is compared to a comparable non-CPO/private party car. If I felt the need for extended warranties (and I'm not 100% sure they're worth it), a trustworthy 3rd party contract in CA would range from $2k and higher. Is a CPO's value similar?

As a 9k/year driver, I expect I'd have another 6-18 mos of factory basic bumper-to-bumper left on any car in that year range, as well as 24-36 mos of orig powertrain and 48-60 mo of hybrid system coverage.

Mechanically, it seems a CPO might be a near wash if a non-CPO price was low enough. But are there expensive (i.e. $1000+) non-power train or hybrid items (like Nav system, power controls, etc.) I should be worried about that might go after the basic warranty expires?

Am I wrong or missing something? Thoughts?


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All I can tell you is that I paid $9,000 less for a non-CPO off-lease (38,000 mile) 2000 LS400 in 2003 than the local Lexus dealer wanted for either of two lower specification CPO 2000 LS400's of similar condition and mileage. I've since driven the car 138,000 miles. The CPO warranty would not have paid for anything on this particular car.

I wouldn't necessarily kick a CPO Lexus out of bed but they are often priced unreasonably high in my opinion.

There is certainly a benefit of buying a car with plenty of it's original basic warrant left - gives you time to make sure all outstanding issues are addressed before the warranty expires.

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I priced a hypothetical, 20K-mile 2011 RX 450h on Kelley BB both ways, equpipped with confort and premium packages (NAV, moonroof, heated/cooled leater seats, parking assist and so forth; pretty much the standard configuration it seems). KBB "fair purchase price" in our area for a non-CPO used vehice from a dealer is $41,904; for a CPO vehicle, it's $44,604, a difference of $2,700. A Lexus CPO warranty is good for 36 months/100,000 miles from the date you buy a CPO vehice, as opposed to the vehice's original date of sale. You'll have to decide if the additional warranty time/miles are worth the extra money.

I bought our 2010 CPO RX 450h last November, with less than 15,000 miles on it. (Really!) I wasn't concerned about the car's mechanical workings, but these are complex vehicles with a lot of electronics that I could conceive of going wrong, so the CPO warranty was worth the reassurance it gave me.

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