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Center "glove Box" 12V Usb Adapter/question


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Hey Guys,

For my 1999 Lexus LS 400, I am thinking of getting an adapter for people to charge their phones/tables via a USB to Cigarette Adapter much like this:


This would not go in the cigarette lighter spot underneath the Nav screen but instead in the center "glove box" between the two front seats.

1)The problem is, the port is really low to the bottom of the box and I was wondering if any of you have been able to fit any of these adapters into that port given the limited bottom clearance.

2) When the car is turned off, does this port turn off as well or will it drain the battery if something is plugged in. I have heard horror stories about certain adapters short circuiting fuses,etc in the car so I came to you guys for help.

3) Also, any recommendations for a USB 1A/2A adapter? I don't want the ones that branch of into many things. I want to keep as much space in there as possible.

Thanks guys!

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The auxiliary 12v receptacle in the console box is well above the bottom of the box. I just now went to the garage and plugged in the most humongous 12V USB adapter I have and it had plenty of clearance.

I have never used the 12v receptacle in the console box because I store a lot of stuff there. I bought a cheap 5-buck 6' coiled 12v extension cord at Target, chopped off it's male end (ouch!) and attached its wires to the wires under the console wood leading to the console box 12v receptacle. The console wood is very easy to remove.

For my purposes, I ran the 12v extension cord forward and placed its 12v female receptable underneath the radio head unit. Into the female 12v extension cord (cigarette lighter-type) receptacle, I plugged in a "spider" 12v power adapter that has a standard USB port and two cigarette lighter-type 12v ports. I plugged a standard USB-to-MiniUSB cord into the spider's USB port to power my Samsung phone. One of the 12v cigarette lighter type ports is used to power a Garmin GPS I have installed on a bracket by the radio.

I suppose I could have plugged in an additional twin port USB plug like you are considering into the remaining 12v female port on the spider and ran charging cords back the center console. I actually did run cables from my aftermarket Kenwood head unit back to the upper tray in the center console - one is a 3.5 aux-in and the other is a USB input to the Kenwood.

I've got a heck of a lot of cables and power adapters hidden behind the ashtray, below the radio and console wood but there is plenty of room and all are hidden from view except the one exiting the top of the phone console to power the Garmin and the other exiting the bottom of the phone console that attaches to my phone's charging cradle per the attached photo.

All three cigarette lighters and the center console power port in your car turn on and off with the ignition key when it's in the ACC position. The accessory circuit is apparently quite robust. I've had this set up for quite a few years and never had the accessory circuit fuse blow. My wife sometimes also charges her iPhone via the front cigarette lighter so that makes three devices being powered/charging at the same time by the accessory circuit.


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