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Master Switch Rolls Down Passenger Window But Doesnt Roll Up?


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some info:

1990 ls400

little info:



master window switch rolls down and up ALL windows EXCEPT passenger rear.

basically means driver can roll down passenger rear window but CANNOT roll up.

checked all my fuses everything seems to be correct, under steering wheel AND the engine fuses

Can i use a master switch from 90-00? or 90-94? or only 90-92?

OR if its not the master switch, could it be the passenger rear switch itself that needs switching?

ive tried 1 other master switch from junkyards (could of been damaged not sure 100%) but same outcome as original master switch problem

any advice/ tips!?

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Welcome Daniel.

So, it sounds like you have done a pretty decent job of checking things. The motor obviously works fine or the RR window would not operate properly on its own switch. You swapped the RR master switch and still no go. All logical steps.

With all of that done, I would venture to guess that a wire to the RR window is either off or not making proper connection to the master. Check that area very carefully. Sometimes a connection looks good but is not.

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Unfortunately, I do not have the wiring diagram for the windows. If you can just pull the whole master switch assembly up so that you can take a look at the wiring, that might help. I would look very carefully at the wiring on the LR switch which is working and compare to the RR which is not working. You might even try swapping those two switches if it is not too much of a chore. Make sure that the RR switch wiring has the same number of wires as the LR even though they will be different colors.

If you are handy with a voltmeter, you can even check voltages at the switch. The RR should mimic the LR switch in operation. If not, you will have to trace the wire down to see what is wrong. That might require removing the door panel eventually.

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