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More Good News For Lexus Owners...


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It was Kelly Blue Book's 5-year cost-to-own study that stated Lexus had the lowest depreciation of any luxury brand because of strong residual value across the model line as well as they rate lowest in repairs and amongst the lowest in fuel and insurance costs.

Couldn't link it though because it wouldn't let me... :wacko:

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Hi John and thanks for the really, really great news!

Wether the customer is Joe Average or Donna Diamonds, most of them buy their cars by just asking the sales person, "...what would my payment per month be? In addition, so many of us just won't take the time to learn about depreciation, reliability reducing cost of ownership and a car that actually might still be worth some what close to the sticker price after we leave the parking lot;

John if you can, would you try to send me the article. Just click on my screen name and you should get a prompt showing "PM" or "Personal Message". Click on that item and you should be able to past your information there.

I'd like to place that information in some other places.

Thanks John!!

If this dosen't work just don't worry about it. I can search for it in some of the other forums.

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