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New Es300 Owner Need Help Please


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My names robert, i recently purchesed a 1995 es300 with 254000 miles one owner and service records since new!!!! The motor was replaced at 189000 due to head gaskets,I paid only 600 since the dealer only wanted to pay 500!! Eveything was super maintained on this car. But heres where i have some concerns the records indicate the trans and diff fluid where serviced in 30k intervals, the fluid looks great and the car shifts flawless, but today i noticed some hesitation shifting, i checked the fluid and it was a qt low, once i added fluid the hesitation was gone and we are back to perfect shifts, now the mind boggler is my parking space has no fluid spots and the bottom of the car is clean and free of any signs of a leak. Any ideas? Also being i got this amazing car for pennys,is the milage high enough to warrant a trans rebuild or can they go much longer maintained as well as this one, i was quoted 2200 to rebuild but dont want to if i can get another 50 to 80k out of this one. Thanks in advance.

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