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Ls 460 19" 15 Spoke Wheels

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I'm on the verge of ordering a 2014 LS 460. The LS 14 brochure shows an optional 19" 15 spoke wheel on page 22 that has 15 uniformly spaced spokes. However, when you go on the Lexus web site Build Your Lexus function, the Accessories page shows a totally different 15 spoke wheel, where there are five v-shaped split spokes with a single spoke between each V. Does anyone know if the wheel on the web site is replacing the original 15 spoke wheel? I love the look of the one on the web site but don't like the one on the brochure.

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Hi and Welcome to the Lexus Owners Club - Thanks for posting.

I would call Lexus and ask just to make sure as you certainly don't want to end up with the wrong wheels.

Pop back when you have got your new car and show us some pics of her. Hope you enjoy your new ride :)

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Hi Don-

I do believe the wheel you mention is a dealer add-on wheel. Lexus does this from time to time. The wheel on the website is the factory available 19" option, the wheel in the brochure you mention is a dealer accessory.

Is this the wheel you mean?

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Thanks for the reply,

The wheel shown in the link above appears to be the same wheel that is in the LS 14 brochure.
This is also the only 15 spoke that my dealer (Lexus Escondido) has seen for the LS 460. They
came on cars from the factory.
The wheel on the web site is the one I want but the dealership has not been able to learn anything
about it so far.
Once this issue is solved, I’ll be ordering my new LS 460.
Don In RB

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So the wheel from the website is the one you want, this one?


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Best of luck on the order. Let the dealer know your preference and see if they can support it regardless of how car comes from Japan.

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