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1 Q's, Headlight Alignment And Tire Alignment.


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1) how do I align the headlights on a 2000 ls400? Few years ago the cutoff was super, but now the passenger one seems to be up and out. I dont think the auto headlight leveling is working properly. THey do raise up when you fire up the car however.

2) What are the factory toe settings for a 2000 LS400? In mm or inches, not degrees please.

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Let's see. You slammed your LS out of all factory specs which would necessarily mess up the leveling of the headlights and you now want to know how to get it back to original? I am not even sure the original design allows for enough adjustment without customization. You will just have to experiment. You might start by dealing with the sensor linkage down in the wheel well.

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i know it worked fine before, even when the car was slammed by the previous owner. cutoff was mint. I noticed the rear arm on passenger side which i assume controls level of the right beam was actually broken, but playing with the arm didnt lead to changing of the postion of the headlight.

btw, i bougth some toe plates to use to align my toe.


35$ shipped, have to do it with a buddy. Im in 1mm front and rear.

steering wheel straightened out too. Goign to test drive tonight.

found reference point underneath the car, outer tie rod to inner tie rod hard points, which lets me know how much i need to go in or out on both sides, to prevent crab walkign by adjsuting both sides so the measured reference point distance is equal. I had to turn the right tierod almost a half turn more than the left one to be straight ahead. Well see how it actually rides tonight .

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