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2014 Lexus Isf Will Not Start The Engine

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dear members

i post this issue on club lexus also and no helping answer yet i post here again

here is my quick info about my car

2014 lexus isf with 2500 miles

nothing special its most likey same sepc as 2013 or possible 2012

only mods on the car is ( after market kit )

joe z intake tube

joe z exhaust pts

sikky header + rear swat bar

interior led kit

ontime recording camera set for front and rear ( it records my driving incase if there is accdient ) powered from 12v outlet = hardwire

issue : one day i was driving high with np

park the car and shopping center

came back out and car dose not start it only cranks

key fob check with green light

checked the steerwheel lock checked ok

battery checked ok also try the jump the car not helping

i try to force start the car like 10 times and gave a cool down time then it starts

i turn off the car and restart it fails..

then i go back give few mort times crank and car dose seems like starts a bit but fails

gave cool time again and it starts

after that the car start and off and starts ok but i did sent to the dealer anyway

the dealer could not duplicate the issue so they can not find any problem anyone any idea would much help thx

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