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What's A Good Deal On 2013 Gs350 Leftover?

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My local dealer here in Florida has a very nice GS350 2013 leftover for sale.

It's Riviera Red over Black. Has the following options:

Blind spot mirror

18" 5 spoke wheels

HDD Navigation with app suie, 12.3" screen,etc

Premium Package w/rain sensing wipers,Heated/ventilated front seats, power rear sunshade

Trunk mat, cargo net,whl locks rear bumper app

Rear lip spoiler

MSRP $52,963+ $910.00 Delivery

I'd like some thoughts on a good price to submit to the dealer,

I'm trading in a 2013 ES 300h. Trade in value $35-$36k.

Thanks for your advice.

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My advice is to let the dealer salesman make you an offer on the GS. I assume that his initial offer would be at substantially below invoice since it is an unsold 2013. He shouldn't have any problem showing you all his cost information on the GS.

It's almost always best to keep the transactions for the sale of a current car and the purchase of another car completely separate. You might want to to sell your ES first - either to the Lexus dealer or an independent dealer like Carmax.

I would think that exchanging a used 2013 ES300h for a leftover 2013 GS300 would result in a big hit to your pocket book.

I haven't driven an ES300h but I have driven a 2013 ES350 (a Lexus dealer loaner) and a 2013 Avalon Hybrid with the same hybrid drivetrain. I was amazed at how powerful and fast the Avalon Hybrid was ... and it can get 40 mpg on regular gas if not driven hard.

Are you sure you don't want to lie down until this feeling passes? I'm really getting into to Toyota hybrid technology - planning to replace our LS with a 2014 Highlander Hybrid when they arrive in April/May. It is hard not to smile when I take my wife's Prius v wagon to the gas station to fill it with regular. I'm not smiling so much when I take my V8 Lexus to fill up with premium.

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After lying down the feeling did not pass.

A little background is in order:

Previous to the ES 300h I owned two GS's. A 1998 and a 2006 GS300. Loved them both,especially the 2006 which was also red but over tan

Going to the dealer tomorrow morning. If the deal is right will pull the trigger After further research I have some figures in mind. Let's see what they propose.Thanks for your prompt response. It made a lot of sense but I don't think owning a Lexus is 100% a matter of practicality. It's probably 50%

with the other half being the sheer joy of the automobile.

I'll let you know what happens.



Pulled the trigger and purchased the GS (see thumbnail). What a car! Pleasure to drive. Got a $6k discount off sticker.

Got $35k for ES 300h Paid $40k (12.5% depreciation hit after 16 mos. ownership.)

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Congrats. I got the Riviera Red as well, nice and sophisticated. Generally when i tell people that havent seen the car that it is red there response is "why redd?". That is until they see it in person, then they love it.

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Hi Zep. I purchased the same car with the same equipment yesterday (except black on black). It stickered around $56, it was reduced to $46 plus tax, no upcharges aside from the $200 profit, er, I mean "prep" fee. I think (at least I hope) we got a good deal.

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Hey Jack,

Congrats and best of luck, Ain't it a great car? Yeah, I think we both got a decent deal.

I'm curious about something, Did your GS come with "performance" tires with a tread life of 15k miles? There was a yellow sticker on the rear right passenger window stating the above. I didn't notice it until I got the car home. Negotiated a swap out for Michelin Pilot performance tire with 45k miles tread life. Paid $25 per tire for labor and parts.

Did you have similar tires and did you keep them?

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