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Dvd Audio Only Playback


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I have a 2013 RX350 without Nav system. I would like to play DVD audio only. Having been able to do this previously in my Lincoln MKX, I would have thought it possible in the Lexus. However, it appears that I can play only music CDs. This may be a simple technology question, but, is there an easy fix to be able to listen to audio only of DVDs? Thank you.

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A CD player cannot play a DVD. Your Lincoln must have had a DVD player.

Assuming that your RX has the Display Audio system, a simple, low cost solution would be to copy your audio folders and files to USB flash memory and then to control the music through the Display Audio system. This would give you direct access to your audio files unlike from a disc where you have to access the files sequentially.

I stopped using audio discs in 2012 when I discovered that I could not hear a difference in the sound quality between WMA audio files and the same music played from commercial CD's. Selecting audio/music files from a screen is much more convenient and my glove box is no longer crammed with discs.

I copied my music collection to USB flash memory but I rarely use it since I have since copied the same music to my smartphone and now stream it wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Am I correct in my understanding that Display Audio and Bluetooth music streaming is standard on the 2013 RX350?

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