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Dealer Oil Change Service


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Yes, you need to continue taking it in for all of it's sceduled maintenance. Not having the work performed can affect your warranty. Most Lexus cars come with a warranty for 4 years or 40,000 miles. All of this information is in your Owners Manual.


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My CT200H is now a year and a half old, do I need to continue taking it to the dealer for oil changes? Will I void the warranty if I don't?

You can take your car anywhere you want for oil changes and other maintenance without affecting your warranty. Just be sure to keep all receipts and keep a log of all maintenance performed.

Be sure to continue to adhere to the maintenance schedule exactly. Your CT200h has a long oil change interval but it is dependent on both time and mileage and requires the use of a specific grade of synthetic oil. Our Prius wagon has the same drive train.

There are advantages to using your Lexus dealer for maintenance while your car is under warranty since a Lexus dealer is the only way you are going to get work performed under Technical Information Service Bulletins (TSIB).

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