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Dashboard Guage Lights, Radio, And Heater Controls All Intermittenly S

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I tried doing some keyword searches before posting and didnt find anything specific to this issue or symptons too long for search string. Driving today, the center controls cluster (HVAC, Radio, LCD Display) were coming on/off intermittently all at once. It was as if someone was flicking a switch on them. In addition all/some of the guage warning lights (Traction Control, ABS, TPS, etc) would come on and go off as well. Sometimes they would stay on for 5-10 seconds then go off. No stalling, no hard start, no engine hesitation. It happened about 6 times over a 30 minute period. It is 10 degrees here today so I was wondering if its attributed to the cold weather,,perhaps a stuck relay, or do you beleive that its something else ? I have had no service done recently or changes in the vehicle at all. No previous issues with this. Thanks for your help.

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The last time this happened to me (in a Honda Accord), it was the battery that was causing the dash gauge malfunction.

Therefore, I'd recommend that you have your battery and battery connections checked, ASAP.

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