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Self-Leveling Headlights Not Working.

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Recently had wife's 2000 GS400 in shop for repair work suffered in a front end collision. Replaced front end nose and left fender. Drivers side lights and other misc. pieces. Over $5000 in total. Got the car back, now the headlights do not self level. Had the shop take a look at them, said they would get Lexus to "reset" them. Picked up car, still won't level. Going to call Lexus dealer in the morning. Is there any way to tell the difference between the self leveling and non self leveling. I want to be sure they replaced the headlight with the correct part. Thanks.

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Only the HID headlights are self leveling. The standard halogen headlights are not. Look at your plastic headlight lens. On my 2000 LS400, it's HID headlights have "D2R" stamped on the plastic lenses - both right and left. Halogen headlights have HB2 stamped on the lenses. I'm assuming that the standard and optional headlights on the 2000 GS uses the same bulb types as the LS - you can verify this by looking at the bulb application chart on the Sylvania website.

The repair shop may have failed to connect the wires from the headlight leveling switch on the rear suspension to the headlights or the wires could have been damaged in the collision.

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1990LS400 is correct; the "auto-leveling" feature was only present in the HID type headlight available for the '00 GS400. The halogen type does not have the auto-leveling feature.

Does your GS have the HID type? Did they self-level before the accident?

If they were the HID type, they can only be replaced with the HID type; the HID type and halogen type are not compatable in terms of wiring.

The part number for the drivers side OEM HID headlight for the '00 GS400 is: 811503A472

The part number for the passengers side OEM HID headlight for the '00 GS400 is: 811103A152

You can cross-check these with the ones your body shop installed.

If any wiring/plugs to either the leveling motors and/or sensors was disconnected or loose, you'd get an amber warning light on the dash in this location:


If you don't have any warning lights on in the dash, then all wiring must be connected properly. I'm stumped.

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