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2005 Es330 Acceleration Lag

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so i just purchased a 2005 es330 and when i press the gas i have a little lag and it lags a little on left turns. i also have a 97 es300 and when i press the gas on that it almost puts me in the back seat it gets up so quick. but i did put a 98 es300 tranny in it about 2 years ago.i have been looking at different forums and most people say it is a computor problem. can anyone give me any insight or let me know the cost to fix this?. thanks ps... the user name comes from my 97 lexus is white and i just put a new hood on it thats black so i call it snoopy and my 05 lexus is white also so i call it phantom.haha

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Which car is lurching? If you put a tranny in it and its lurching, I would think of many things. If it needs a new computer,well you already know they are expensive. It could be fuel filter, but one thing you said was left turns, if it lags only on left turns while accelerating, could be that upper motor mount, I think its called the dogbone. Mine is 2005 es330, was raised up in Fla., the cracked rubber dogbone made my car lurch in reverse. If its bad the torqueing of the engine while accelerating could cause problems. And the tranny mounts and lower motor mounts. I hope you get it fixed, keep trying,by the sounds of it you are mechanical enough to figure it out, by process of elimination.



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