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A Hamster In My Rx300 Ac Vent?


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Hello All,

I'm new around here, hope I'm posting in the right place.
I have a 99 RX300 and when I turn on the AC or vent, it sounds like there's a hamster running around its wheel in the face vent. If I turn the fan up higher the noise gets louder, then after about 10 seconds or so quiets down. If I set the air to blow on both face and feet...no hamster wheel sound. When I set it to face only it happens.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

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I could be a bit of junk (that's a technical term!) contacting the blower fan. I had that happen many years ago in 90 LS400 I used to own. I remember it being a cheap fix since the fan on that car was pretty easy to get to. My regular mechanic fixed it so I can't provide more details.

Of course it could be something else.

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