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Rx400H "b" Mode; Is It Healthy For The Car?

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Hi all:

I know there's a LOT of debate concerning the value/benefits of using the "B" mode for braking, but do any of you know how "healthy" it is for the 06-08 Rx400h?

I use is on a daily basis, and very often to acheive the effect of downshifting as i slow down or stop. When i leave my house i have a 2 mile decent down a hill, and i leave it in "B" for the entire ride down. I also use it religiously when exiting the highway (from ~80mph-30mph) and during turns when applying friction braking might be "too much".

I have a few questions...

Is this use of the "B" mode causing any damage (or quicker deterioration) of the engine/transmission or any other components of my Rx400h?

Also, when putting it into "B" at a high rate of speed while slowing down off the highway, i can hear "something" spooling up.... what is causing the noise? Is it the engine? Transmission? Something else?

Thanks for the input!

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You should really only use it on steep downhill drives where you want to reduce your dependency on the brakes to avoid overheating them (it's probably not as likely with regenerative braking though). It's designed to be used as engine braking.

It can actually decrease your gas mileage if you forget it's on and use the gas pedal, since you're fighting the braking with the throttle.

If I were you I would use it sparingly. Not sure if it uses the transmission or just locks in the regenerative braking to slow the car down, or both.

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