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Beleive Dealer Or Local Mechanic?

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I don't know to whom I beleive?

Hi ,

I have 1998 lexus es 300 at 85 k on it ,I changed the transmission fluid at 80,000 k on it ,after that I feel little burning smell and took back to the mechanic and he told me ,there is a small amount of oil drop on exhaust system and it may go off after a while.I didn't feel the smell after a while ,but there is a light leak I am finding some times i.e couple of oil spots on the ground underneath of engine.I took to he same mechanic for check once again ,this time he told me there is a light leak in oil needs to be replaced oil pane gascut.Then I took to the dealer ,and he said there is no problem in oil gascut ,there is a slight leak in rear main seal and he gave the quote for to change is $760 + tax .I don't know to whom I beleive at this point ,but I am running my car like that almost 5000 miles later.So I am totally confused at this time to whom I have to beleive.Could you please suggest me ?



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Hard to say Neni, without seeing the leak. Can you get a picture of where it is leaking from for us to look at? Otherwise, they could both be right. If you aren't losing a lot of oil though, you may not need to worry about it. Just keep an eye on oil level. Fix the oil pan gasket first. Then do the main seal if there is still a leak. Best of luck.

I have a few oil leaks myself.

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