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Five Weeks Without Starting - Will It Start When I Get Back?


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I'm leaving for 5 weeks and I'm wondering if my 2013 CT200h F-Sport will start when I get back without doing anything or if there's something I should do. It doesn't seem like having somebody start the car every couple weeks will help as that might use more battery than it increases charge. Is there anything I can do to reduce drain? Car will be in about 50-60 degrees the entire time. Any suggestions appreciated. If it doesn't start, are there tricks to using jumper cables on a hybrid?

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I wouldn't worry about it except to plan on not depending on your car for a couple of days after you get back if something does go wrong. I've left cars for four weeks at a time while on vacation and they've always started right up.

We have a Prius wagon with the same drive train as your CT. I never thought about whether or not it would run in EV mode if its starting battery was dead and then "die" when attempting to switch to gasoline mode.

A trickle charger is pretty cheap. Might come in handy just in case.

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