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Had Island Import Nights a couple of weekends ago and my previous GS got 2nd behind an IS :huh: I guess the judges were impressed with all the stickers that were on the IS. I did all the performance mods and the new owner worked on the interior. Here's a pic.

Mods include:

PIAA Super Plasma headlight and high beam bulbs

Clear signal lights (rear)

Clear bumper lights (front)

TTE front lip

RMM grill

RMM intake w/CAB

RMM strut tower bar

RMM carbon fiber engine cover

Lsportline rear roof spoiler

LTuned Steering ECU

LTuned Exhaust

H&R Coilover suspension

19x8 & 10 AT Italia

245x35 and 275x30 Bridgestone Potenza SO3

2nd set of wheels: 19x8.5 & 9.5 SSR Agle Strusse

2nd set of tires: Michelin Pilot Sports 243x35 and 275x30

Panasonic DVD/CD head unit

Farenheit headrest monitors

Cerwin free air sub

I can't remember what AMP? sorry he did the interior



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Well, I had the money for it and I spent over half of it on my honeymoon... :angry::angry: I couldn't tell my wife that she couldn't do this or get that because I needed boost.. So out of that money I had I spent almost 8 grand... So now I already have my deposit down and I'm trying to save... But for some reason I can't seem to save a penny now that I'm married... :rolleyes::rolleyes: But I'm hoping late spring early summer it'll be done.. Hopefully.. I told wifey that it's gonna cost me $2,500. and that it's only gonna give me a extra 50hp.. And that it's mainly for show purposes... If she only knew what kind of money goes into my car and what kind of numbers the turbo is gonna give me.... She'd have my nards in a sling.... :D :D :D

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EVERYTHING changes when you get married. Just be careful that she doesn't find out exactly how much 'cause if she does, she'll want the same amount to go SHOPPING :blink:


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