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New Strut Rod Bushings On My Black 99


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Yesterday Jon, my nephew replaced my SR Bushings on my LS, it had 236k on it, and they had been replaced before (with the whole rod) he noticed that my right rack and pinion bellows was torn and I will get one this week... left side was still ok.... with all the miles on this one we are going to have a good look at the rear bushings, trying to keep it quite... has anyone used anything besides the poly bushings on the rear of their LS?
even with all those miles, the old boy still looks good::



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By the way, your LS and mine are the same color and year.


I'll bet yours is lower miles.... I have not done the rear bushings.... but will probably go with polys there, have not seen any OEM for the rears.. I have a friend who is going to do the rears with polys and I will find out how it turns out and let you know... he moves slow at times..

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Thanks, Bill. I'm interested to know what your friend's results are.

My LS currently has a little less than 160k miles. It's going to the shop today to get the rear rotors turned. I had the fronts turned, which solved the majority of the shaking when braking, but there is still a bit of shaking in the floor board when stopping. Should have gotten all four turned at the same time.

We are taking the LS to Florida for vacation. I'm pretty excited to be taking it on a road trip. It's a great interstate car!


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