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New To The Forum And New To Owning A 2000 Lx470 Few Questions


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I just acquired a immaculate 2000 LX470. I am slightly familiar with its LC version So far I love it I love the body style much better than current gen. Anyways My questions and concerns are the engine has a very tiny miss when idling its hardly noticeable I was wondering if that could be maybe because the dealer did not put in Premium gas? Maybe a Tune up? I have only had it for about 48 hours so far so As of right now till i have time its going to be a guess. On the other hand good new would indicate that my AHC seems to be properly working correctly But as I have read and just out of a Pre maintenance I might flush and replace the fluid in that and the brake system even those are working great! It does have High miles and only had 1 previous owner who seems to have taken great care of is , no paint fade no paint chips i dont even notice any normal wear and tear scratches, Inside is just as great! Leather is hardly worn So i am pretty confident it was well taken care of. I notice a small amount of cabin noise witch i am guessing is from the new tires the dealer put on it and non factory rims and or I notice the seals around the doors are no longer as thick as they should be they are all pretty flat So i am going to replace those and see how that works out. Other than that seems pretty perfect other than it only having the secondary non alarm key.. I am guessing I can buy one on ebay and use the programming instruction it just seems silly to have such a nice ride and no keyless entry lol. If you guys would like to give me any advice on key things to check for it and service to get done let me know and if they are DIY please provide details on how to complete the tasks. Thank you all in advance and look forward to being a active member! wink.gif

Also I am interested in any retro fitting from newer models to enhance looks or functionality. Such as factory LED tail lights? I am pretty sure they offered them near the end of this run but I could be wrong. How about a Factory HID setup if not a high quality after market system would be fine. In addition I would love to see or know about aftermarket GPS installs or what is needed or recommended? Other than that any other fun advice would be great.

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