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Make Money & Collectable Cars?


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The "Kiplinger Report" says today that the collectable car market is hot. Back in 2008 the worth and prices for almost all categories went of the road. But over the last 12 to 18 months prices have really come back. Would you believe droping $30 million for a vintage Benz??

Wether your taste run to a "Cuda" or an "XKE", or how about a "Cord"? Long one of my favorites. This is a great article and I had my eyes opened very wide. I had no idea there was so much cost involved in this "hobby"!!!



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The old "I wish I knew then what I know now". Those Hemis and things were a dime a dozen during the '73 oil embargo. The bad thing about the Mopars is that they didn't last very long. I had a 440 6bbl Charger. It always needed something and got 6mpg.

If you ever go through Ocala, FL you need to stop at the Don Garlits museum. It is so awesome some of the low mileage cars he has in there. One car that particularly struck my fancy was a '70 Plymouth Superbird. It was painted a bronze metallic. It was the ONLY Superbird that Plymouth painted that color. Can you only imagine what it is worth? It is an awesome place. His mom was standing at the counter where you buy the tickets and introduced herself to us and shook our hands.

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