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Engine Oil, Alternator And Radiator Lights All Lit...?

Tracy in SoCal

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Hello friends,

I just bought a 1990 LS400 with 185K miles that has the engine oil, alternator and radiator/temp lights all lit at the same time while the engine is running. The car runs fine (a little rough at idle) with no overheating, battery drain or overheating oil. The check engine light is NOT on. Has anyone encountered this before?

These lights came on intermittently about 10 mins after I started driving....the lights would come on at idle and then go out as soon as I started moving. I thought I might be Lexus' way of saying there is a low fluid level, so I made sure all the oil & water levels were good and the battery had a good connection (brand new battery by the way). Now they are on all the time...and the check engine light is not on.

Some history so far....

When I first got the car, the electric fuel door release was not working.....I removed the right trunk panel and noticed that the wire to the release switch in the trunk was disconnected. When I reattached it, it worked, but then my radio fuse (the one in engine compartment) blew. I disconnected the fuel release wire and replaced the fuse....and the radio works fine.

I read about the trunk wiring issues on this forum and thought it might be causing this, so I untaped the wires going up the trunk lid and noticed a LOT of splices from earlier repairs, but no broken or exposed wires. I taped them back up and this issue with all the dash lights started. I have left all the carpeting panel out of the trunk.

Any idea if these gremlins are somehow connected?


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It sure sounds like your trunk wiring is bad. Your issues with the dash lights began right after you disturbed the wiring, correct? So, I would get back in there and recheck, particularly the white wire though others could be broken/stretched. There is a tutorial on checking/fixing the wiring. Just because it looks fine does not mean a lot. There could be a broken wire within the insulation sleeve that is not seen.

Here is the tutorial -> http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/lighting/bulbout.html

Welcome, Tracy!

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Thanks Randall....I think you are right. When I drove it this afternoon, the oil, alternator and radiator dash lights all illuminated when I put my foot on the brake and went off when I released....but now they are on steady. I'll untape and run a tester on each wire. Thanks for the info.


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