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Ls340 Trailer Hitch / Tow Bar


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Okay, this is not a question of whether or not I should be putting a hitch on the car.

I had one on my LS400 and it was the best accessory I had for the car. (Was great to be able to run a small trailer around foe errands and help a buddy out here and there)

Anyway, I have been trying to track down this trailer hitch. Lexus Part Number: PZ408-F1550-00

I have contacted a couple local dealers and have been told that they can't find that part number in any of their systems. I contacted Lexus Coperate Directly and was given the run around.

Any help in finding this would be greatly appreciated.

(And yes, I know it's a Eurospec ball But I can weld a 2" reciever to the crossbar to make it compatible with american hitches)


Tow Bar PZ408-F1550-00 For LS430.pdf

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I'm confused. What country are you in? Would you please update the location in your profile?

There are aftermarket trailer hitches for the LS430 if you are North America from companies such as www.etrailer.com where I bought the hitch I have on my 2000 LS400.

If you are in the UK or Europe, I would not be surprised if the hitch you are asking about is no longer available. It certainly is not going to be available through North American Lexus dealers.

Give us more information?

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OK, now I understand. I provided two links in your ClubLexus thread on where you can buy it. I suspect it would cost way over $1,000 by the time you imported it from Europe. I've imported parts independently from the UK and Europe and have usually have to pay customs duties although sometimes parts slip through with no duties.

Just buy the Curt hitch from eTrailer. The one for the LS430 less than $200 is identical in design if not in dimensions to the one I have on my 2000 LS400. It is not all that noticeable. eTrailer is a great company - $250 miles due east of where I live. I had questions during the install and they were very helpful - even followed up to make sure everything was OK.

You will need to power trailer lights from your car battery with a relay/adapter. My mechanic ran the trailer light wire out of my trunk beside an ABS wire and forward under the car to the engine compartment. He tucked the wire up and out of the way and I've never thought to look to see where he hid it.

Be sure to use a fuse Look for a "hot" terminal at the side of the engine compartment fuse box to attach your trailer light power wire to.

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