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Love My 1998 Ls400


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I haven't been on this forum in awhile, but I figured that I had to post what I consider to be an awesome testament to just how good these cars are! I own a 1998 LS400 and have owned it for over 6 years now, and have put over 80,000 miles on it since taking ownership. The car has 196,000 miles on it and still runs like a top! The only things I have HAD to replace: alternator, starter, timing belt, water pump, pulleys, and that is ALL!!!

I am still impressed with just how good of gas mileage this car can still get after 16 years and 196,000 miles. As of my last tank the display read out is reading a tank avg. of 23.3mpg and I have traveled 410.6 miles on this tank, but the best part is i still have an estimated 38 miles left on the tank!! So if the computer is right, that would mean I will get almost 450 miles from a single tank. More incredible is the fact that my driving is almost mixed 50/50 between city and highway. I am not just a highway cruiser. I am just impressed at how an old V8 can still get better gas mileage than some brand new cars. For example, a friend of mine owns a 2008 Subaru Impreza and it has a 2.5 4cyl engine but he can only manage to avg 24 mpg in mixed driving! So basically a 290hp 4.0 V8 is only beat by <1mpg compared to a newer, smaller 4cyl. I just think that is amazing!

I am also wondering just how accurate the gas gauge really is on the LS400, because some simple math would show that I really have a good distance to go until empty. Follow me here:

1998 LS400 gas tank capacity is 22.5 gallons-

I am averaging 23.3mpg-

23.3 mpg x 22.5 gallons = 524.25 miles to the tank.

524.25 miles - 410.60 miles traveled = 113.6 miles left

113 miles divided by 23.3 mpg = 4.87 gallons left in the tank.

However, according to the dash display I only have 38 miles left, or 1.63 gallons left.

SO? Does the gauge give you roughly a 3 gallon grace period? Or if I push it to find out, will i be pushing my car to a gas station?

PS I am sorry about the pictures, I have no idea why the always kept coming out upside down or rotated, i tried several times to retake them but to no avail!


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Hi Lex. Glad to have you back.

This topic seems to be one of those questions that takes on a life of its own. Since I joined the LOC, I can't remember a time when it wasn't up for conversation.

I looked at my Owners Manual from my previous 2010 ES350, and it shows the fuel tank capacity to be 18.5 gallons, (US). The Owners Manual for my 2013 ES350 says it's capacity is 17 gallons. When the "low on fuel" warning light comes on the tank is supposed to have 2.5 gallons left. Frankly, I've never heard any two people say they each got the same number of gallons used or needed to fill the tank.

If you don't have your owners manual you can go on line and find several sources for download. Also, go to Lexus.com and look for the Tech Support link. They should also be able to help you. No Charge.


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I am surprised you have run 6 years and 80k miles without replacing the battery... I have two 99 LS400's one has 182 and the other 236. and I am in love with them also... we just had a two day 500 mile funeral trip and got 23.3 read out on the entire trip, with air on at all times and running 80mph on the freeway.. I think it is amazing how quiet and comfortable these cars are... you dont even hear the engine running.. we buy them two at a time and have had 12 so far..but dont expect to own any more, I turn 80 this year, and my wife is not far behind me, and I think mine will last us.... I have never been in a 430 but I dont see/think it could be "better" than the 400's. thank you Toyota for your Lexus' autos....



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A revised fuel level sender was implemented for the LS400 during the 2000 model year and was offered to owners of 98, 99 and early 2000 LS400's under a TSIB that addressed inaccuracies in the trip computer. My 2000 LS400 was built late in the model year (June 2000) so mine got the revised sender.

The "RANGE APPROX" in my 2000 LS400 becomes increasingly accurate as the tank gets closer to empty. I've run the tank down to a RANGE APPROX of about 25 miles a number of times and tank refills when I have done that have indicated that approximately one gallon of fuel is all that is left.

The 2000 LS400 has a lower fuel tank capacity than the 98-99 LS400 - something to do with added emissions controls.

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I have never been in a 430 but I dont see/think it could be "better" than the 400's.

Oh Billy, think again. If you can find a good used 430, buy it and you will fall in love all over again. ^_^

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