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2014 Rx Navigation Different From 2011 Rx

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I really don't see the point for 3 post for this. I have merged them.

Now IMHO the calendar was of little use you couldn't even do anything with it. My old rx330 you could input events. My gx460 nothing. Either way I use my iCloud calendar for everything so I could care less about a calendar in the car.

Sorry I am of little help with the NAV. But I would hope that the route preview is still there. I use that anytime we take a trip with my wife's GX.

Good luck!

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Hi Marc and welcome to the LOC.

Owners manuals are wonderful things. On page 100 of my 2013 it shows the feature labeled "Route Overview". It is precisely the same feature you describe as Route Preview. I did not find a listing for "Calendar"within the index.

Yes, I know. Lexus may have made some overarching changes to the Nav software for the 2014 RX350. But as near as I can tell that is not the case here.

If after reviewing your manual you still can't solve the problem, your quickest help would be to either call your dealer and explain the problem. Their customer service tech may be able to help you over the phone. This person is trained to go over all of a cars features and gadgets upon delivery of a customers new car. They have been very helpful.

Or call Lexus Customer Service. They may have more current information regarding the Callendar feature. The link below will take you to the Lexus contact page.



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