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2003 Lx 470 With Levinson


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My rear speakers dont play at all, any ideas from previous issues?

Hi Keith and welcome to the Club.

The Levinson system has always been held by Levinson as a propritary system. That is, they have never supplied anyone, even Lexus with technical manuals for repair. What Lexus does is diagnos the trouble, then exchange the bad module with a new module. They do not have the ability to just fix one little part. That is one reason why it is so exspensive to fix.

After 12 years of service your problem could be one of several things. It could be an amplifier. If it is, this would be a suggestion. Have your Lexus dealer diagnos the problem. Get a bid. Contact this company in New York- "United Radio". They are the only company in the country that I know of that will work on Levinson systems. (their link is below.) Get a bid from them and see how you come out. Several members have used United Radio and have been very pleased.

Come back and let us know how things are going.



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I installed an 8"inch sub with a seperate Amp. It makes all the differance in the performance of the system. Members have frequently observed that the Levinson system has always been weak on low end response. With this change in the configuration I think you'll hear a huge difference.


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