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This global warming is killing me. 13 degrees for a high? This is supposed to be the south. Will I ever get to put my top down again?


No, you will never get to put your top down again. You must, therefore, gift your car to me.

Tennessee isn't very "south" unless you are comparing it to Minnesota.

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The ride in this morning...

I will get further south as soon as hubby can retire. That will be at least another 10 years. Arrrrrrrrrrrg!

You can have Lexie when you pry my cold dead fingers off the steering wheel. ^_^

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It was 8 whole degrees when I got up this morning! I don't like this weather at all! My range rover was a blast to drive in the snow though. We didn't get that much here. And I would be embarrassed for anyone to see how dirty my ride is! :)

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