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Es330 Unlock All?


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I had a 2008 IS and loved it and recently obtained a 2005 ES 330.

On my IS I could configure most of the personalized settings myself.

Can I do this on my ES330 as well?

I really don't want to pay a dealer to do this if I can do it and I really want is for all doors to unlock from the keyfob or when in park instead of just the drives side.

Any help is really appreciated!

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We recently traded our ES330 (an 04) on the present ES350, and as I recall, the doors locked when the car was put into Drive, and unlocked when it was put into Park. It was programmed that way when purchased. As for unlocking all of the doors at once with the key fob, we just pressed the unlock button twice in a row. I believe that the owner's manual gave the procedure for changing those parameters, but I can't say for certain, as we no longer have the car.

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Hi Oscar and welcome to the Club.

I too had a 2005, ES330 and if I remember correctly, it was like most other Lexus years. That is to say there are those settings that can be customized by the owner, and other settings that can only be done by the dealer. These are clearly spelled out in the Owners Manual. On a new Lexus, or a Certified Pre-owned Car, all of the settings are done free of charge. However, Sense changing these settings is so simple and quick, I can't imagine that the dealer you bought your Lexus from would charge you a dime.

If you don't have an Owners Manual, go online and do a search. There are tons of places that have them. Also, you can call or e-mail Lexus.com for more info.

Hope this helps.


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I figured it out you apply your hand brake, turn car to acc then shift to reverse then back to park, hold down unlock on drivers side for 5 seconds and all the doors will unlock to let you know that this has been applied, it will tell you ion your lexus owners manuel if you don't have one go to lexus.com and register there they will send you a free one

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