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Please Help! Major Map Problem On 2008 Lexus Es350!


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Hi everyone, I really need help with this problem. I was not sure how to update the maps on my 2008 Lexus ES350 so I looked it up on google. It brought me to a page that gave me instructions on how to do it. It gave me a link to download the maps from and told me the type of disk to buy. I did as the instructions said and it didn't work. So I want to put my old disk in but I can't. The screen is flashing with lines and colors but I can access the radio and climate but if I try to go to maps the screen starts flashing again. The menu button does not work, so I can not get into the menu to eject the map DVD. What do I do? Is there a way to manually eject the DVD?

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi Michael and welcome to the LOC.

From what you've said so far I can't tell if the DVD you aquired was free or a OEM product. The obvious reason I ask is that there are some sources online that will put out faulty or fake code. If the DVD you used for your update is not Lexus OEM I would strongly urge you to reconsider returning your present DVD.

It is difficult to say why your disc won't eject. However, it's not because of just the Map Disc. Other ES models, as well as other models will jam from time to time.

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The problem is that I can't access the menu to click the eject button. I don't think its jammed. What can I do the manually eject it? I'm sure there is a way, I only have 2 days to fix this problem so I am hoping that someone know what to do. Would Lexus be able to help me?

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You wouldn't be the first person to "brick" their Lexus navigation system by trying to use pirated software. Many more have trashed their nav systems while mucking with the hidden service menus meant for use only by Lexus technicians.

There might be information on how to manually eject the disc on techinfo.Toyota.com but there is no guarantee that there is.

I suppose you could keep trying the previously provided procedure a few more times to see if it eventually works.

This may end up costing you thousands of $$$ to get a replacement navigation system installed.

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When this has happened before to another member some time ago, he took a rather "baseball bat" approach to the problem. He disconnected the negative cable from the battery for 15 to 20 minutes, and it WORKED. The theory was that by cutting off all of the power to the DVD unit, it gave it time to drain all residuall power from all circuts and chips/componets i.e. chip integrated capacitors, etc.. When the power was restored to the DVD unit, it started up from scratch and reinitialized all the software.

Why I said a "baseball bat" approach is that when you dissconect the negative cable you also wipe clean all of your other settings for your ES. Your seat settings, your radio presets are wiped, some of your instrument settinngs may have to be reset. In short it just takes some time to get everything back to normal.

I am not making in any way any promises that this would work for you given your situatiion.

Come back and keep us posted.


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