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08 Rx 350 Brake Light On

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Searched everywhere but can't come up with a soluion.

2008 RX350, 60K miles.

Instrument panel brake light stays on (BRAKE displayed) and a single beep is emitted only when accelerating at low speed - like from a stop.

>Adjusted parking brake per posts on LOC (both nuts are 10mm and need a deep socket).

>Checked and topped off the brake fluid reservoir (it was low but not empty).

>Repeatedly moved the brake fluid reservoir interior float up and down.

>Low brake fluid usually means the pistons for the disc brakes are filling up as the brakes are worn down in my experience.

>Checked online to find out about brake wear sensors but the RX 350 apparently doesn't have them.

>Re-set the computer by disconnecting the battery for an hour.


1. Anyone have knowledge of the cause of the brake light being continuously on?

2. Will a brake job solve the issue? (There is the possibility that it could be a faulty switch somewhere.)

3. Any recommendation of a brake pad brand / material if quality trumps cost?

4. Considering replacing the rotors. Brand recommendation?

Thanks for any knowledge, suggestions, and replies.

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Thanks. It is a pretty tight space under there by the parking brake.

I have located a parts diagram and the switch so know what it looks like at least. Getting to it is another thing. The plan of attack may be to try to take out the whole parking brake assembly and deal with it from there. Two or three bolts seem to hold it in place.

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I guess that's one of the advantages of hybrids - we have almost 90,000 miles on our RX and still have the OEM brake system (performing flawlessly).

But getting back to your question about rotors, Bendix makes a nice rotor for about $33 (rockauto.com). I believe OEM pads are ceramic, so you may want to stay with that compound. Bendix and many other manufacturers make them for about $20 a kit (axle).

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Well, maseace had it right. After troubleshooting the brake fluid reservoir and finding it OK the parking brake switch was taken on.

The molding for the door (bottom) was taken off. It is only held on by clips. Then the kickplate next to the brake pedal was removed. It had a couple of plastic plugs. The lower dash around the air bag was removed. One 10mm bolt on the left, a Phillips head screw hidden behind a pop-out panel on the right side and pull straight out off of several clips and guides.

The switch could be seen through a hole left by the dash panel. It had rotated away from an extension on the emergency brake lever so that the switch plunger was being missed by the extension. It was still fairly tight but it was able to be rotated back into the correct position.

The one screw that holds the switch on could not be reached to tighten it (45 minutes of frustration) and the top bolt that hold on the whole brake pedal assembly is inaccessible so.......... Some hot glue was used to secure the switch in place and several pieces of Duct tape to also hold things where they should be were used.

Everything was put back where it belongs and the BRAKE warning light behaves as designed.

RX400h: Thank you for the suggestions about brake replacements. My only concern with aftermarket is that, given my driving tendencies, brake fade is a concern. There are several drilled and slotted rotors available but the research that I've read doesn't support the style as much as one might think.

I'm happy with the performance of the OEM brakes, except for what I believe is some heat warping. Bendix will be considered after reading some more reviews on the subject.

Thanks to all for helping me solve this problem.

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