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Rx330 Sunglass Holder

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Haha, maseace has the immediate solution! ^_^

The holder operates with two "tabs" that (when worn down) can prevent it from holding up. The following pictures show the two tabs. Do any of these appear to be worn down?



Is your interior color gray or black by any chance? I have this spare (shown in the pics) in the gray color (for gray and black interiors; not tan) that you can have.

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My sunglass holder just stopped latching as well '05 RX330, it looks like there may have been a spring that somehow broke, has anyone just replaced a spring or the button? Does the whole assembly (sunglass holder, map light garage door opener buttons) need to be replaced? Has anyone replaced it? I have read the posts that a dealer would charge around $1000 and its not worth it to me but would.


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Same problem here.  How do I remove the sunglasses housing...I see the 2 Phillips head screws are to be removed from behind the cover plates, but then I wimp out cuz I don't want to break it pulling in the wrong direction.  Has anyone done this successfully?  And how did you do it.  Thz

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My recollection is that there are two more screws under the map light lens.  If you look at the lens closely around the edge you will see a place to use a screwdriver to pry the lens cover off then the screws are in plain sight.  As soon as all 4 screws are removed the housing comes off easily. 

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